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Capsujet - Kapseltransportör

The Capsujet conveying system, originally designed and patented by Hanningfield in 1995, remains the best and most efficient solution for the conveying of hard shell capsules in industry today.

The Capsujet is a proven system in the transfer of hard-shelled gelatin capsules. Designed and built to overcome the problems associated with conventional mechanical systems, the Capsujet is ideal for the automatic loading of high-speed capsule filling machines.

Empty capsules are manually loaded into a large diameter, low -height capsule storage-hopper. The 200-litre storage-hopper has been designed to accommodate a full, standard sized box of capsules. When in operation, a tangentially discharged airflow from a multistage fan is forced through a patented venturi. The empty capsules in the storage hopper are gradually picked up by the suction created by the venturi and gently conveyed in a low- pressure, high-volume airflow through the conveying pipe work to the receiving hopper on the capsule-filling machine. A fully adjustable optical sensor controls the level of capsules in the receiving hopper on the capsule filling machine, by automatically starting and stopping the convey cycle.

In addition to loading empty capsule into the filling machine, it is also possible to transfer filled capsules after filling using a Filled Capsule version of the Capsujet.

Features and Benefits


  • Very Quiet Operation

  • Maintenance Free Design

  • Reduced Manpower

  • No Capsule Damage

  • Low Operating Costs

  • Eliminates Catwalks and Steps

  • 100% of Capsules Transferred Every Time

  • Keeps Pace With High Speed Filling Machines

Model C20 (Empty Capsules) FCC (Filled Capsules)
Material of Construction 304 or 316L Stainless Steel 304 or 316L Stainless Steel
Maximum Conveying Distance Horizontal > 10m (33') Vertical > 5m (16.5') Horizontal > 5m (16.5') Vertical > 2.5m (8.25')
Standard Hopper Size 200L (100,000 Size "O" Capsules) No Hopper
Dimensions 1100mm x 800mm x 1105mm 1000mm x 150mm x 316mm

Typical Applications

Transporting Empty Capsules to a Capsule Filling
Transporting Filled Capsules from a Capsule Filling Machine





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