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In process engineering, mixing refers to the combination of substances in a single or multi-phase system. Ytron Y can be advantageously used in processes where powder is to be mixed into liquid or liquid into liquid. Generellt kan man säga att kan man pumpa det, kan vi blanda det. Syftet är att kompensera för eller avsevärt minska skillnader i koncentration och/eller temperatur. If this condition persists, the mixing process is also called homogenization. Commonly referred to as stirrers, these devices allow liquids of different viscosity levels to be mixed. There are different versions, which is why the selection depends on the desired direction of flow, the viscosity range and the task at hand.

The YTRON-Y jet mixer is suitable for a variety of tasks, including homogenization. This is due to the conversion of the movement from radial flow into axial flow. he contents of the container are mixed homogeneously and air-free in a matter of seconds due to the vertical jet. Sedimentation is prevented. The design is individual in order to achieve optimal results for the respective task.

  • Ytron ”Y” erbjudas i följande utförande:
  • I steel SIS 2333 (AISI 304) and SIS 2343 (AISI 316).
  • Cleaning with CIP (Clean in place).
  • Production models from 1.2 kW to 55 kW
  • Laboratoriemodeller
  • Några fördelar med Ytron ”Y”:
  • Den traditionella ”radiella kraften” är ersatt med en kraftig axiell kraft.
  • Vortex and unwanted air mixing are eliminated.
  • A homogeneous product throughout the tank is made possible.
  • Mixing time can be reduced by up to 80%.
  • The time for heating/cooling is reduced at the same time as the risk of burning on the tank walls is significantly reduced

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