Greek Yoghurt Stretching with Ytron Z

It does not really mean astonishing news to write a product information about
Yoghurt-STRETCHING® using YTRON. We are using YTRON-Z successfully for
STRETCHING® of fermented dairy products now since over 20 years.
However, there are only a few cases where we can see the product before and after
the STRETCHING® process. Recently, we had the chance to take a picture of the
product before and after STRETCHING® with YTRON-Z – the improvement is quite

Feel free to show this illustration to interested customers. Our customer (one of the
largest in Greece) has installed 3 x YTRON-Z130 for up to 5 t/h and 1 x YTRONZ250
for up to 8t/h Greek Yoghurt and produces very successfully now.
Some additional information:
Greek Yoghurt has become very popular during the last years. The producer
CHOBANI has mixed up the US Yoghurt market with this product. His products are
stretched via YTRON’s as well.
The protein of Greek Yoghurt is about double compared to traditional, stirred
Yoghurt – this is why it is assumed to be very healthy. The traditional way of
producing Greek Yoghurt is to separate some whey after fermentation which leads to
a ‘strained’ product. The disadvantage of this process is the disposal of the whey,
which has environmental disadvantages as well as negative cost effects.
With specially selected proteins and suitable cultures, the milk can be ‘enriched’ to
about double protein content even before fermentation. The subsequent process,
some call it direct curd process, means no separator or UF process is required.
However, the process leads to a typically unpleasant, gritty product structure.
Using YTRON-Z means you can achieve an ideal product appearence and structure
for any fat content between 0-10%. Sensory properties and viscosity yields are
pushing the limits!

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