Ytron “ZC” Zyclon (Powder Dispersion Equipment)

Ytron “ZC” is specially designed to disperse powders that are very difficult to “wet” in conventional equipment. In “ZC” this is achieved through a significant vacuum in the processing zone combined with a correct design of the tools in the machine. The vacuum ensures that the powder is sucked from the product hopper to the processing zone, where the powder is dispersed into the liquid phase before hydration occurs. The molecular structure remains intact with a product that is very “smooth” and free of lumps as a result.

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Ytron Zyclon can offer:

  • Ability to completely disperse poorly soluble powders such as Carbopol and CMC.
  • Capacities from approx. 37 – 150 l minute.
  • Up to 37% powder savings (while maintaining viscosity).
  • Reduced batch time, without powder losses.
  • No unnecessary air mixing.
  • Easy cleaning.
  • Mobile stand.

Can be supplemented with a vacuum transport system (Univac) that supplies the machine with product, with the system you can achieve dust-free powder handling.

Typical products:

  • MC
  • CMC
  • HPMC
  • Guar Gum
  • Pektin
  • Agar Agar
  • Alginat
  • Carrageenan
  • Xanthan
  • Carbopol
  • Locust Bean Gum

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