Ytron “Y” Jet stream mixer

Ytron “Y” Jet Mixers are custom made to meet each individual application, taking into account the size and shape of the tank/container and product viscosity.

Mer information.

  • Ytron “Y” is offered in the following versions:
  • I steel SIS 2333 (AISI 304) and SIS 2343 (AISI 316).
  • Cleaning with CIP (Clean in place).
  • Production models from 1.2 kW to 55 kW
  • Laboratoriemodeller
  • Some advantages of Ytron “Y”:
  • The traditional “radial force” is replaced with a strong axial force.
  • Vortex and unwanted air mixing are eliminated.
  • A homogeneous product throughout the tank is made possible.
  • Mixing time can be reduced by up to 80%.
  • The time for heating/cooling is reduced at the same time as the risk of burning on the tank walls is significantly reduced


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