Ytron-Y Jet mixer

The Ytron-Y Jetmixer is manufactured to meet each individual application’s specific requirements. We tailor to your needs and take into account size, shape of tank/container and product viscosity. This jet mixer reduces mixing time by 80%, creates a homogeneous product throughout the entire tank, and significantly reduces heating/cooling.

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Customized jet mixer from Ytron.

In process engineering, blending refers to the combination of substances in a single- or multi-phase system. The Ytron Y jet mixer is advantageous for processes where there is a need to blend powder into liquid or liquid into liquid. In general, it can be said that “if it can be pumped, we can blend it,” and the purpose is to compensate for or significantly reduce differences in concentration and/or temperature. If this condition persists, the mixing process is also called homogenization. Commonly referred to as stirrers, these devices allow liquids of different viscosity levels to be mixed. There are different versions, and this depends on the desired flow direction, viscosity range, and the task at hand.

The YTRON-Y jet mixer is suitable for a variety of tasks, including homogenization. This is due to the conversion of the movement from radial flow into axial flow. he contents of the container are mixed homogeneously and air-free in a matter of seconds due to the vertical jet. Sedimentation is prevented. The design is individual in order to achieve optimal results for the respective task.

Ytron-Y is offered in the following versions:

  • In steel SIS 2333 (AISI 304) and SIS 2343 (AISI 316).
  • Rengöring med CIP (Clean in place) Cleaning with CIP (Clean in Place).
  • Production models from 1.2 kW to 55 kW
  • Laboratoriemodeller

Advantages of Ytron “Y”:

  • The traditional “radial force” is replaced with a strong axial force.
  • Eliminates vortex and unwanted air entrainment.
  • Creates a homogeneous product throughout the entire tank.
  • Mixing time can be reduced by up to 80%.
  • The heating/cooling time is reduced.
  • The risk of burning on the tank walls is significantly reduced.

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