Ytron “XC” Xcyclon (Powder Dissolver)

Powder dissolver XC Xcyclon from Ytron.

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The Ytron Xcyclon construction enables the dispersion of powders that are usually classified as “medium-difficult” to disperse with an extremely high flow rate. This is achieved through a significant vacuum in the processing zone as well as a correct design of the machine tools. The vacuum ensures that the powder is sucked from the “powder hopper” down into the processing zone, the result is a homogeneous, “smooth” and lump-free product.

Ytron “XC” can offer the following:

Total hydration of milk, whey and protein powder, also thickeners and stabilizers such as Pectin and Gelatin can be advantageously processed in the machine.

– Capacities from approx. 75-490 l/min.

– Concentrations up to approx. 40%.

– Reduced batch time.

– No unnecessary air mixing.

– Dispersion in cold water.

– No powder losses.

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