Capsujet – Capsule conveyor

The Capsujet transport system, originally designed and patented by Hanningfield in 1995, remains the best and most efficient solution for transporting hard gelatin capsules in the industry today.

Capsujet is a proven system for moving gelatin capsules. Designed and built to overcome the problems associated with conventional mechanical systems, the Capsujet is ideal for automatic filling of high capacity capsule filling machines.

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Empty capsules are manually loaded into a large diameter, low height container. The container, which has a volume of approximately 200 liters, has been designed to accommodate a full pack of standard size capsules. When in operation, a tangential airflow from a multi-way fan will be forced through a patented venturi. The empty capsules in the storage container will gradually be picked up by the suction created by the Venturin and gently transported with a low pressure, high volume (air flow) through the transport pipe to the container of the capsule filling machine. The fully adjustable optical sensor controls the level of the capsules in the receiving container of the capsule filling machine, by automatically starting and stopping the transport cycle.


  • Very quiet operation
  • Maintenance-free design
  • Reduced workforce
  • No capsule damage
  • Low operating costs
  • 100% of capsules transfer every time
  • eeps pace with high speed filling machines

Typical Applications

  • Transports empty capsules to a filling machine
  • Transports filled capsules from a capsule filling machine

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