Uni-Connest (Flexible Silicone Connection)

The Uni-Connect system is ideal for connecting two machines with Tri-Clamps. The use of a flexible connection is a simple and effective method of height adjustment and also compensates for unevenness.

The Uni-Connect system is a simple and cost-effective method of connecting two pieces of process equipment where a temporary dust-tight connection is required. The use of the flexible connection is ideal for material transfer and can be used to dampen any vibration problems.

The Uni-Connect system consists of Tri-Clamps clamps and flanges to ensure easy integration in any product transfer situation. Using Tri-Clamps also ensures that the transfer part has a smooth surface, which avoids unnecessary build-up of product and prevents product traps. Uni-Connect is molded in one piece of FDA compliant silicone rubber. The silicone material complies with FDA 177, 2600 and is transparent.

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  • Dustproof connection
  • FDA compliant silicone
  • GMP-design
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • No tools needed
  • Hygienic flanges in stainless steel
  • Fast and reliable installation

Technical specification:

  • Material of construction: FDA compliant silicone (FDA CFR 177.2600)
  • Support Ring Material of Construction: 316L stainless steel
  • Uni Connect Sizes

Typical applications

  • Compensation for maladapted process machine inlets and outlets
  • Dust tight connection between two machines
  • Dust-free transfer from IBC to IBC
  • Milling in an IBC
  • Vacuum transport to an IBC


  • Provides simple and quick sanitary connections.
  • Connects non-adaptive process equipment. Easier connection of non-adjustable machine parts.
  • Manage temperature-driven contraction and expansion.
  • Reduce vibrations between equipment parts.
  • A wide range of sizes are available Compatible with many different standards.
  • Makes a smooth sanitary connection compared to “old” connection methods. Improve product flow and reduce product retention.
  • Make cleaning easy through easy access.
  • The ambient temperature is -20°C to 140°C.

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